Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who's the 2010-11 NBA MVP? ..& Who SHOULD IT Be?

I think Kevin Love has earned the honor thus far this year. I assume that his exclusion from the discussion is based on the fact that his team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, are near the bottom of the rankings; but like All-Star honors, this is about individual contributions. Players do not win or lose games (nor rings, for that matter). so why penalize the man with the highest player efficiency rating for his lack of help.
However, we all know that Kevin Love is not going to be voted MVP; so who should win - out of players who stand a legitimate chance? The player who, reasonably, in the off-season thought his candidacy flew "out the window" once he teamed up with two other superstar players. This player also happens to be the one with the next highest PER: LeBron James. Of course, its impossible to ignore the contrast between the success of LBJ's current team and his former. To be fair, his absence is not the only difference in the Cavs' roster this season, they lost two other big weapons to free agency: Shaq and Big Z, and they have been riddled with injuries and forced to bump second-string talent into starting positions. Nevertheless, the "self-proclaimed king('s)" value is undeniable as the Cavs are situated securely at the bottom of the barrel - buried 4 games behind K Love's Wolves. While James' current teammate Chris Bosh's name will not be brought up in any MVP discussions, its important to note that his value has also been made more apparent by the fact that his former fellow Raptors are ssecond only to the Cavs for the last place rank in the Eastern Conference.

Player Efficiency Ratings:
Krvin Love.........29.02
LeBron James.......27.56
Dwight Howard......27.28
Kevin Durant.......26.04
Dwight Howard......23.96
Derrick Rose.......23.24
Kobe Bryant........21.98

*PER should not be looked at as an end-all, be-all statistic, but its a good strting point.*

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

50 Deep... What's Left?

After a year of being Blog Talk Radio's realest, rawest show - No Rubber Radio has reached its 50th episode; but while the celebration of this milestone has been eagerly anticipated within the No Rubbber Nation - could this also turn out to be the dreaded final episode? Find out tonite on the at 7 pm...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

For The Love of 'Kay'

No Rubber Radio will air a special episode this Tuesday, Feb. 2nd., on which female contestants will compete for a date with the radio personality. The episode just happens to fall on Kay's birthday. No Rubber co-host, A, will take another turn as the main host for this one.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Worst Movie Experience...Ever

I bought my ticket for Michael Jackson's This Is It as soon as they became available on Fandango. Beyond the simple perk it presented for this hardcore MJ fan to see the gloved one on the big screen one last time, it actually looked like it could be a monumental achievement for a film of its kind. This was not to be a movie that merely praised the king, it was a project that Michael himself was heavily involved with. An intimate look at an oft-misunderstood musical genius, juxtaposed from over 50 hours of footage. Captured in the process of assembling what was likely to be one of the greatest concerts ever witnessed, this was to be a story about Michael Jackson, by Michael Jackson - the mysterious, mythical man we all know of, yet do not know.

This was to be my second time seeing the moonwalker on the big screen, I attended a revival of Live in Bucharest at The Senator Theatre earlier this year; but my anticipation had reached an unprecedented height for This Is It. I got my ticket for the first available midnight showing; then my sister expressed that she wanted us to see it together this weekend, so I decided that I'd just have to see it twice. I made the movie poster my background on twitter. I got out my decorated King of Pop shirt. I burned the new MJ mixtape made by DJ Jazzy Jeff. I could see myself pulling up on the White Marsh parking lot bumping Rock With You, Human Nature, PYT, etc.. I had it all planned out.

Then disaster struck. I have been a long-time victim of the anxieties associated with running on CP Time. When I'm in a rush to leave out, something always comes up. Either my allergies will start acting up, or I will be unable to find something I need, like my wallet, or my KEYS.

I turned my junior-suite apartment upside down and inside out trying to find my keys (which happen to have a Thriller key-ring by-the-way). Misplacing my keys is a frequent occurence, so I did not panic initially. I looked every logical place they could be,.. then I looked every illogical place they could be. I checked my backpack and my hoodies: where they usually are. Then I checked my futon and my bed: where they sometimes are. Then I checked in my cabinets and in my refrigerator: where they never are. All to no avail.

When I woke up this morning, I saw that Roger Ebert had given the movie 4 stars (his highest rating). It was a bittersweet feeling, I wanted to see it myself before hearing any criticism, good or bad. But, as I type, I'm stil lookinng,.. and still waiting... to see This Is It.

Update: 7:26 AM - Eureka!